Course outline_ENG702_Language Teaching Practice




Title:                    Language Teaching Practice

Course code:       ENG702

No. of credits:      3 credits



This course is designed to provide language teachers a critical understanding of the current principles, issues, and activities underlying the teaching of English as a foreign language, enable them to apply their learning in a real teaching context, improve their teaching skills, and develop their ability to manage classes and classroom activities


  • Discuss important issues related to the different principles, teaching approaches/ methods, learning and teaching of language areas and language skills in different teaching contexts
  • Discuss the relationships of language, and society in language teaching and learning
  • Incorporate key methodological principles associated with the various teaching approaches into selecting materials, resources, learning activities and into planning language lessons
  • Develop teaching skills through conducting a language lesson relevant for their teaching context
  • Self-evaluate their implematation of the theories about language teaching and learnning in paticular teaching contexts and dicuss those of others 
  • Practice self-study


  • The learners
  • The teacher
  • Classroom activities
  • Teaching Language Skills
  • Technology in language learning and teaching
  • Planning lessons
  • Motivational strategies
  • Teaching strategies & Techniques
  • Classroom management
  • New trends in Language teaching and Learning


4.1. Required textbooks

  • Brown, D. (2007). Teaching by principles: An interactive approach to language pedagogy (3th Ed.). New York: Pearson Education.
  • Dornyei, Z. (2001). Motivational strategies in language classroom. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Fetherston, T. (2006). Becoming an effective teacher. Melbourne: Cengage Learning.
  • Gower, R., & Walters, S. (1983). Teaching practice handbook. Oxford: Heinemann.
  • Grundtvig Learning Partnership (2011). Guidelines for Quality in Teaching. Quality in Language Teaching for Adults.
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  • Harmer, J. (2007). How to teach English. England: Pearson Education.
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  • Hedge, P. (2000). Teaching and learning in the language classroom. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
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  • Scrivener, J. (2012). Classroom management Techniques. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.
  • Scrivener, J. (2011). Learning teaching: The essential guide to English Language Teaching. Oxford: Macmillan Education.  
  • Ur, P. (1996). A Course in language teaching. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

4.2. Reference materials

Online Resources



5.1     Midterm (40%)

  • Class activities (10%)
  • Theory summary (10%)
  • Lesson plan (for a 15- minute micro-teaching lesson) (20%)

5.2     Final (60%)

  • Micro-teaching (30%)
  • Teaching evaluation  (30%)


  • Directed study:               60 periods
  • Independent Study:        120 periods