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SEMINAR: Quality in Academic Publishing: Making Smarter Choices

Speaker: Dr. Raqib Chowdhury - Faculty of Education, Monash University, Australia

Venue: Ho Chi Minh City Open University, 97 Vo Van Tan street, District 3 (R.120)
Date: 1st November 2019 - Time: 13:30 - 15:30  


Participants: TESOL Master's and PhD students;  Former MTESOL students; TESOL Dip students (Free participation)

Benefits: Gaining neccessary writing skills for academic journal publications.

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Under the persistence of the publish-or-perish ethic, and working within an increasingly neoliberal environment, academics working in higher education are constantly faced with the pressure of producing and disseminating scholarly work in journals, books and other academic outlets. Higher education institutions, on the other hand, depend on scholarly publications from their academic staff to secure funding for teaching, research and development. To add even more pressure, numbers are not sufficient any more, as governments, funding bodies and other stakeholders in higher education research place more and more emphasis on quality publications in prestige, high-ranking journals and publishers. This presentation discusses the differences between writing for a journal, an edited book and a book, factors that account for their successes, and how to go about choosing outlets to publish. It also explains the main bibliometrics that can be used to compare the prestige value of journals, such as journal impact factor. The presentation ends with a discussion on some of the practicalities of writing for publication, including how to choose a suitable topic and tips on how to increase the chances of acceptance by reviewers.

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