General Information


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The Graduate school of HCMC Open University offers a wide range of courses in the three main areas: business and management, science and technology, and social sciences and humanities. The school core values of creativity, life long learning, practical orientation, globalization, social engagement, flexibility and friendliness are embedded in the teaching, studying and research activities of the Graduate school. We have more than 900 Master students following the local programs and 300 following the joint Master programs and 30 PhD students.

The Graduate school of HCMC Open University has gradually built up its images with the serious commitment to the academic, personal study support provision and the flexible and wide selection courses. The up-to-date courses are provided by the qualified local and international staff. Strong applied research is emphasized and seminars and conferences are organized for students to present their research results and expand themselves to the professional network.

Our students have chosen courses at the Graduate school, HCMC Open University, to help them progress their career or explore new career paths and make a real difference to their life as the Graduate school has fulfill their commitment to make students’ challenging time of study interesting, useful and successful.

Types of courses

The Graduate school of HCMC Open University provides two types of part time courses:

  • Local programs
  • Joint courses with foreign universities

Model of operation

Students are provided with the study handbook with all the regulations and the whole program schedule to plan their study. Orientation and study skill training are also supplied for the better preparation to students’ study journey.

Students study in teams. There is one of the Graduate school staff who will work very closely with the class leaders to for the prompt and effective class management. Individual communication and reading materials delivery are provided via Edusoft system and students can view their academic record and ask for study supports anywhere without coming to the school. Frequent meetings with the class leaders and extensive feedback system will ensure the school responsive to the learning needs. Besides the lecturer of each course, there will often be tutors to help students with assignments and research. The research skill enhancement courses are available besides the study support system to help students improve their thesis writing and manage their thesis submission in time.